Luke 9:46–56

Read the passage.

I am convinced these three vignettes are here to tell us how imperfect the disciples were. The message that they preached after Jesus’s Ascension was not meant to show how great they were, but how great Jesus is. We see them being selfish, evasive, and vindictive, which is not what you’d expect from the people closest to Jesus. Don’t forget though, that Judas was a thief, Peter was a liar, and the other Simon was likely an insurrectionist.

Now you might think, “How can anyone be walking and living with Jesus so closely and still be so sinful?” To which I reply, “Oh, and how long have you been walking with the Lord and still sin every day? More than a few years?” So, both pots and kettles are black, and we are no better than the disciples for having the vantage of living after they did with God’s fully revealed Word.

Show us our hidden faults so that we may confess them to You and repent.

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