Luke 8:22–25

Read the passage.

After a busy day of teaching and healing people, Jesus has His disciples sail with Him across the lake of Galilee to go to a different region. On the way, He falls asleep. However, on the way a windstorm comes up and threatens to sink the boat. The disciples, four of whom were professional fishermen who worked on this lake, realize they can’t do anything to save themselves, so they wake up Jesus. Once He is awake, He tells the wind to be quiet, and it does.

He then asks His disciples a pointed question, “Where is your faith?” In light of that, they didn’t seem to expect Him to surely rescue them from the danger. They woke Him in desperation, as last resort after trying everything else they could. To be fair to the disciples, despite being close to Jesus, they were still in the dark about His purposes and true nature. They knew He was the Messiah, but not exactly what that meant yet. They had seen Him perform miracles, but those have nearly all been healings so it is fair to say that doesn’t necessarily mean they should have known He could control the weather as well. But maybe now they are starting see what had been hidden from them.

Let us see You as You truly are, glorious and majestic and worthy of all praise.

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