Luke 8:16–21

Read the passage.

Here is your periodic reminder that the section titles, and even the chapter and verse numbers you find in your Bible are not part of the original text and therefore not inspired by the Holy Spirit. I should have included these verses in yesterday’s notes, perhaps. At any rate, even though Jesus changes metaphors, He is still continuing to teach on the same point as the parable of the sower.

Recall that the point of the parable is that not everyone who hears God’s word will believe in it, or at least not enough to be saved. It has been hidden from them so that God’s purposes may be fulfilled. But those who do hear and believe will reproduce God’s word so that it may be dispersed far beyond their reach. These are the ones who are like the lighted lamp that is put on a stand. Instead of hiding the truth, it is shown to all, because even though it is hidden from some for now, it will be known by everyone for true and for sure in the Day of the Lord. And that is why we are admonished to “take care then how you hear” (v. 18). It has eternal significance in how we are judged.

The conclusion to Jesus’s lesson comes at a providential moment when His family comes to speak to Him. He clarifies that one takes care of how you hear by obeying what God has told you. Familial relations are important, but your relationship with God is more important.

Give us ears to hear, hearts to obey, and hands to do good works for Your Name’s sake.

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