Luke 6:46–49

Read the passage.

The Sermon on the Plain ends with a final warning against hypocrisy. Even though “out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks” (v. 45), it is not enough to merely speak the right things. If we call Jesus Lord (and we should, because He is), but don’t obey His commands, then we are lying. It’s not a popular idea nowadays, but God is in charge and has every right to tell us what to do. It is our place to humbly submit to Him&emdash;that is, agree that He is in charge and obey what He tells us.

Jesus then explains that there are great benefits for acting this way. God blesses and protects those who obey Him, just like the man who built his house on a solid foundation. The flood rose and beat against the house, but didn’t shake it. In contrast, the man who does not do what he hears God say loses the house he built on the sand.

It’s possible to take this parable and interpret it in a couple of ways: from an earthly or an eternal perspective. I think both are valid, but one is truer than the other. For example, I know a man who hasn’t been able to get a steady job for two years now. He continues to serve in the church faithfully, cares for his family, and takes odd jobs while he looks for the position he really wants. His wife told me recently that they have more in their savings account now than they did when he lost his last full-time job. The floodwaters of life have certainly come against this family, and their house stands firm. How much more sure, then, is their eternal security? Hunger and sickness may yet find them, despite everything we may do, but when they die (not if), they will be with the Lord they love. And there is no better place to be than that.

Help us build our faith upon Your Rock, obeying You in all things, so that we may stand before You at the end of the age, with all joy.

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