Luke 4:38–44

Read the passage.

After teaching in the synogogue and healing the demoniac, Jesus goes to Simon’s house, probably to lodge there while He stays in Capernaum. However, Simon’s sick mother-in-law is there, and they (Simon and his wife?) ask Jesus to help her. He does, in much the same way as the man in the synogogue, and she gets up to serve. I won’t ever forget how one of my college professors was so wrapped up in her feminist worldview that she claimed that Jesus only healed her for the servitude He received. Over and over in the Bible we see Jesus have compassion on the sick and needy, so there’s no reason to think He didn’t have compassion here too. Furthermore, my old professor probably never considered that this woman was serving out of gratitude, and also serving guests in your home is just good manners.

Word gets out that Jesus can heal the sick, so everyone who can brings their sick loved ones to Him for a chance at getting better. Jesus heals the diseases and also casts out demons who keep trying to expose His identity. He prevents them from speaking too much about that.

In the morning, Jesus departs, though the people of Capernaum try to get Him to stay. But He says He must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to people in other places, too.

Help us to see You as You truly are, not as we would prefer You to be.

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