Luke 22:54–62

Read the passage.

Luke doesn’t tell us what happened to the rest of the disciples when Jesus was arrested, but focuses on Peter’s story. Peter follows them at a distance because he wants to know what’s going to happen, but also not get caught up in it himself. They take Jesus to the house of the high priest, who had ordered His arrest. Jewish trials were required to be in the daytime, but several members of the Sanhedrin Council and other personages were there for a hearing, trying to find the evidence they needed to condemn Jesus.

When he gets there, Peter stays in the courtyard with several other people. The high priest’s servants were awake to take care of all the guests, who had probably brought their own servants, not to mention the guards. Peter would have easily been able to mingle among these strangers. In theory, anyway. However, one of the servant girls seems to recognize him as a follower of Jesus.

Peter denies even knowing who Jesus is, which is kind of a bold claim. How has he not heard of this famous teacher? Why is he here at the high priest’s house in the middle of the night, then? Before too long, more people question Peter, saying they think he was in Jesus’s group. Again and again he denies it.

The third time he says he doesn’t know Jesus, a rooster crows, fulfilling what Jesus had told him earlier that night. Jesus, in fact, is there in the same place Peter was at this point and looks at him, knowing exactly what has happened. Peter is devastated and flees.

Let our convictions for You be more than empty words, so that we may stand firm against all temptations.

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