Luke 2:22–40

Read the passage.

Mary and Joseph were devout Jews, and fulfilled the Law’s requirements concerning their son. As the firstborn, he was to be consecrated to the Lord along with a sacrificial offering. We see that they could not affort a lamb, so they brough a pair of doves or pigeons.

While they are doing this, they meet a couple of people from the temple community who realize the importance of this baby boy. Simeon had been given a revelation from God that he would see the Messiah before he died. The blessing he gives hints at the worldwide scope of the salvation available through Jesus.

The second person is the elderly prophetess Anna. Whether she heard Simeon’s words or also had it revealed to her, she thanks the Lord for the arrival of the Christ and begins to speak to the people about him.

Your promises never fail, Lord, even if they take hundreds or thousands of years to come about. They are always in the perfect time.

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