Luke 18:35–43

Read the passage.

As Jesus continues to Jerusalem, he enters the city of Jericho. City gates were important social centers in ancient times. Beggars would often gather there to seek the generosity of travlers in and out of the city. At this particular gate into Jericho there was a blind man (named Bartimaeus in Mark’s account, but Matthew’s said there were two blind men) who was able to hear the increase in traffic as Jesus approached. Upon learning who was approaching, he starts making a scene in the hopes of catching Jesus’s attention. Those near him try to tell him to be quiet, but he just keeps yelling for Jesus to have mercy on him.

Jesus sends for him and asks what he wants. Unsurprisingly, the blind man wishes to see again. Clearly he had once been able to see, and he had heard of the way Jesus healed people wherever He went. He knew Jesus could help him and didn’t want to miss this chance. Jesus recognizes the man’s faith and rewards it. In response, the man praises God and begins following Jesus.

This is how we should all respond to God’s mercy. He has made known that He provides salvation from the curse of our sin, so we should glorify Him and dedicate our lives to Him out of gratitude and love.

Salvation is found in You alone. Grant us the faith to accept it.

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