Luke 18:31–34

Read the passage.

At some point after His discourse on not relying on your own rigtheousness, Jesus takes the twelve off by themselves for a private word. He explains again that He will be killed shortly after they arrive in Jerusalem. This time, He adds the detail that He will be handed over to the Gentiles to be flogged and killed, which should have let the disciples know He was facing a Roman crucifixion. However He also gives them the hope that He will rise again on the third day.

“Should have,” I say, because everything Jesus told them was hidden until after all the events happened. God darkened their minds so they didn’t remember Jesus saying it, or so they couldn’t understand what He said. After His resurrection, possibly not until after He ascended to Heaven, they remembered everything He said and were able to tell it to others and share the Gospel that way.

There are lots of mysteries in the Bible. God loves truth, but He is not therefore obligated to tell us all of it. Not knowing everything is oftentimes uncomfortable for us when we want to use knowledge as a means of controlling our situation. But when we don’t know everything and we don’t have the control we want, it gives us the opportunity to trust in the One who does know everything and is in total control. God will work out His plans to completion, tick off every box, and He cannot fail in anything He purposes.

Your goodness transcends our comprehension. Your power is beyond all measure.

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