Luke 18:15–17

Read the passage.

On the heels of the story of the tax collector and the Pharisee, Luke gives a practical example of how God humbles the exalted and exalts the humble. People wanted Jesus to bless their children, even their infants, but the disciples were trying to keep that from happening. Children were not highly valued in those days, so they may have thought Jesus was too important or busy to deal with “trivialities”.

Jesus, however, thought differently. He instructed the disciples to leave the parents and children alone because the kingdom of God belongs to people who receive it like children. Children, especially babies, rely on other people to provide everything they need. They can’t be puffed up and proud because they can’t do anything for themselves.

What children can be is grateful. Seeing the delight in children when they get good gifts is one of the joys of parenthood that anyone can participate in. Entry into God’s kingdom is a great gift, and we should accept it with childlike wonder and excitement.

Maintain in us awe for Your goodness to us.

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