Luke 17:1–10

Read the passage.

The Greek word translated as “sin” in these verses is the same word used for “stumble”. The “temptations” that Jesus talks about come from the idea of bait in a trap. The whole word picture then is of someone being drawn in by a tasty treat and then stumbling into a pit or snare until the hunter comes to kill them. As bad as it is to fall into sin, it is even worse to be the person setting the traps for people.

Instead, when we see a fellow believer sin, we should tell them not to for the sake of the love they should have for Jesus. Then if they realize the truth of our words, they will repent, and we should forgive them. Over and over again, for we are just as sinful as they are, even if no one notices or corrects us. If we are truly born again, Christ has forgiven us even more completely.

The disciples asked for an increase in their faith so that they could accomplish this, but Jesus said they only need a tiny amount of faith to do amazing things. That’s because the power for it comes not from the faith itself, but from Whom the faith and trust is in. It is God who works in us to accomplish His will, not our sinful selves.

It seems we struggle with our sin to keep us humble. Even though we have been justified, and it wasn’t from anything we have done, by continuing to rely on the Lord to do what is right we are able to cultivate a proper attitude of humility and not expect special treatment for it. On one hand, we will be rewarded in Heaven for the good things that God enables us to do, but on the other, it is just what we have been told to do as well. We meet the expectations.

Empower us to do Your will, for we do not have the strength to do anything in ourselves.

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