Luke 13:31-35

Read the passage.

Considering how some of the Pharisees had been looking for a way to kill Jesus by this point, it is interesting that some of them would warn Him about Herod threatening His life. As with any group, it is made up of individiuals who are not necessarily all going to believe in the same things and act the same way. However, Jesus doesn’t respond like they are genuinely concerned for Him. While we know Herod wanted to meet Jesus, we don’t know that he wanted to put Him to death, either.

Instead, Jesus tells the Pharisees to send a message to Herod (but really it’s for them, I expect). He emphasizes that His ministry has supernatural effects but it also has a definite end. He also alludes to the fact that it will end because He will be killed at Jerusalem, just like the prophets of old. That make me wonder what the Pharisees thought when they heard that.

The parallel passage for Luke 13:34&endash;35 is Matthew 23:37&endash;38, which tells us Jesus said this lament as He was debating with the Pharisees in Jerusalem during Passion Week. Whenever He said it, it tells us that the people of Jerusalem had rejected Him time and again.

Shelter us under Your wings, so that we may live in the safety of Your love.

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