Luke 13:22–30

Read the passage.

Because it is nearly time for Him to die, Jesus is making His way to Jerusalem. But with perfect timing, He is continuing to do ministry along the way. At some point, He is asked if there will be only a few people saved. It has the feel of someone seeking to settle a debate, rather than someone who is genuinely curious, but that might be just me reading into the text. In any case, the motivations of the asker aren’t important.

It’s always interesting when Jesus is asked a question, and then He doesn’t answer it directly. He sets up a metaphor such that the way to salvation is to go through a narrow door, which implies that only a few people can get in it. And then He states that many will try to get in through it, but won’t be able to because it is shut. However, there will also be people from the four corners of the world who will come to eat at the King’s table, which does not sound like just a few people. Will only a few be saved? It depends on how you look at it. In absolute terms, no, probably not. In comparison to those who will not be saved, then yes, it is a smaller number than that.

It is important to note that the people who seek to get in the door, but cannot, are unable to do so because the door has already been shut. There will come a time when salvation will no longer be available, and that’s when a whole bunch of people are going to wish they had it. They had the chance earlier, but it wasn’t important enough to them then. Make sure to enter the narrow door while the invitation is offered.

Save us from Your judgements, O Lord.

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