Luke 12:54–59

Read the passage.

After giving the disturbing pronouncement that He would be the cause of familial strife, Jesus starts talking about the weather. In Israel, when the wind blows from the west, wet air from the Mediterranean Sea brings rain. When it blows from the south, the heat of the Arabian desert moves in. Even people who had never that far from their homes could observe the cause and effect relationship between the wind direction and the subsequent weather. However, Jesus calls them hypocrites for not being able to see what God was doing through His ministry, because that should be just as obvious as these simple weather patterns.

At the Final Judgement, people are not going to have any excuse for not following God’s commands and decrees. There won’t be any “Oh, I didn’t know” or “I just didn’t have time” or “It didn’t seem like that big of a deal”. God’s nature is plainly shown through His creation, but sinners suppress the truth through unrighteousness. So then, we should be careful to see how things can be made right between God and ourselves before that Day comes. In the same way that it is better to settle out of court than to go through a trial that is certain to not be in our favor, we should repent of our sins and trust in Jesus to save us.

You are a just judge, but also abounding in lovingkindness and mercy.

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