Luke 12:22–34

Read the passage.

Having reminded the people that earthly goods are not worth anything to them after they have died, Jesus continues the lesson by saying we should not be anxious about even our basic needs. The poor people of Jesus’s day were a lot poorer than even most who consider themselves poor today. Finding enough food to eat for the day was often a struggle, and there were no government programs or charitable organizations to help people out. Into that environment, Jesus says don’t worry about what you will eat or wear.

Jesus explains why He says this in three ways. First, mere survival is not all there is to life. God wants you to do more with your life than to merely exist. Second, worry does not actually give you your food or clothing in the first place. In fact, worry and stress will shorten your life, the opposite of what we want it to do. Third, God is good and takes care of even the little animals and the short-lived grass, and He cares for you and your life even more. He knows you need food and clothing, shelter and relationships. He is faithful to provide for your needs, so be faithful to Him in return.

Finally, Jesus exhorts His listeners to invest in the kingdom of God because the returns are eternal and cannot be lost, stolen, or worn out. Be generous with what you have now, because you won’t get to keep it anyway.

Set our eyes on what is truly valuable, and help us live as good citizens of Your kingdom.

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