Luke 11:14–26

Read the passage.

Jesus’s enemies are still upset at the good things He is doing. They are jealus of His popularity and offended by the rebukes He has given them. Preiviously, they had put His knowledge of the Law to the test, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with His answers. Now they attempt to discredit Him with accusations of being a Satanist. Others keep asking for a sign from heaven to validate His ministry, as if they haven’t heard the reports of people being healed, the five thousand being fed, the raising of at least two people from the dead, and whatever else has been lost to history. (As John says, there aren’t enough books to tell us all the things Jesus did.)

Jesus shows them that their accusations are baseless. If Satan wishes his demons to torment people, he wouldn’t also then allow a person to command them to desist. Jesus then asserts that He is casting out demons the same way the Jews do: through prayer for God’s power and authority. He compares a demon to a strong man protecting his own palace, but God is able to overpower him and take away even the weapons and armor he would have used in his defence. There is no neutrality between God and Satan. You are either working for one or the other, even if it feels like you are your own person.

Just because an unclean spirit is cast out from a person, if there is transformation in them to join God’s kingdom, there is nothing to stop the spirit from coming back to torment the person again.

We praise You for ruling with absolute authority even over the spiritual powers that hate You. None may fight against Your decrees.

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