Luke 1:57–80

Read the passage.

Elizabeth gives birth to a son, and when the day comes to name him according to the Jewish traditions, they want to name him Zechariah, Jr. When they ask his father, they use signs, so apparently he was struck deaf as well as mute by Gabriel. However, as soon as he follows the angel’s instructions and names his son John, he is able to speak again.

Zechariah’s next words are a prophecy as he is filled with the Holy Spirit. He praises God for bringing about salvation for His people by sending the promised Messiah in the house of David. He then explains John’s role as the one who goes before the Messiah to make the people ready to hear the Good News that their sins can be forgiven.

Finally, Luke closes out this chapter of his narrative by explaining that John lived in the wilderness after he had grown up. This could mean he lived among the Essenes, an ascetic sect of the time, the same group that preserved the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

You always remember and fulfill Your promises. Let us remember them and be encouraged.

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