Luke 1:26–38

Read the passage.

The same angel Gabriel is sent to announce another miraculous birth, one even more important and highly anticipated. He goes to a podunk town in an obscure corner of a conquered nation, to a young woman with the same name as at least three other women in the New Testatment, who was betrothed to carpenter. But because of God’s divine choice, this particular Mary was highly favored, chosen to bring the long-awaited Messiah into the world. Out of a no-name village will come the one who will reign over the house of Jacob forever, the King of Kings, the Son of the Most High.

When Mary gets over the shock of having an angel visit her to start asking for details, she gets to know just how it will happen, but she also gets an extra confirmation that it is true. Her relative Elizabeth is also going to have a baby when everyone knew that couldn’t happen. The unspoken assumption is that Gabriel is inviting Mary to go see Elizabeth for herself, and know that God can make anything happen. Wisely and humbly, Mary accepts the charge to be the mother to God’s Son.

Let us be ready to accept Your instruction at all times, even when it seems impossible.

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