Galatians 2:1–10

Read the passage.

Paul continues to establish his credentials as an apostle. Fourteen years after his first visit to Jerusalem since his conversion, he returns along with Barnabas and Titus. While Barnabas was a Jew, Titus was a Gentile. While Titus is not mentioned in the book of Acts, I believe this trip is described in Acts 15, when the church in Jerusalem is dealing with the same issues as the churches in Galatia. From Acts 15, we know that Paul has made up his mind and is going to Jerusalem to make sure that he hasn’t been preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles just for them to have to throw it away later.

The Jerusalem council decides correctly, and Gentile believers are not required to follow the ceremonial laws in order to be considered part of the church. Titus did not have to be circumcised, and Paul declares that those who think he needed to be are actually the ones who are not part of the church. “False brothers” he calls them.

As for the other apostles, they didn’t have any additions or corrections to say to Paul’s ministry. Paul and Barnabas had given testimony at the council about all of the preaching they had done throughout Asia, mostly to the Gentiles as not many Jews would believe their message. They perceived that Paul had been given a special calling by God to preach the good news to the Gentile world, just as Peter reached the Jews in and around Jerusalem.

Your perfect will orchestrates us all to accomplish all of Your good purposes.

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