Ezekiel 6:11-14

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Again, the Lord declares how He will pour out His wrath upon the people of Israel, and why. Their abominations that they did by sacrificing to idols has lead them to be killed by sword, pestilence, and famine. Every single altar, high place, and oak tree where sacrifices were made will be defiled by human blood.

So great will be the slaughter that the entire Promised Land, from the wilderness of Arabia in the south to Riblah in what is now northern Lebanon will be made desolate and a waste land. So complete will be the destruction that those who witness it will know that only the Lord could accomplish it.

Only Your goodness can judge sin without equivocation. Wash us clean so that we may see Your holiness. Break our hearts of stone and renew them as hearts of flesh. We are as sinful as Israel was, yet You loved them and You love us; be our salvation in our time of need and we will live in the day of Your wrath.

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