Ezekiel 40:28–49

Read the passage.

With the outer court measured and mapped out, the survey vision moves to the inner court of the temple. Like the outer court, the inner court has three gateways with steps to a higher level on the north, east, and south sides. Since the measurements of these gates are not explicitly given, I take it to mean “the same size as the others” refer to the outer gateways. One difference from the outer court is mentioned: eight steps up to the temple instead of seven.

Just inside the inner court’s northern vestibule is a room for the preparation of animal sacrifices. The animals would be handed off to the priests in the outer court, which was as far as the lay people were allowed to go. After being led up the eight steps, the animals would be laid on the stone tables, slaughtered, skinned, and butchered according to the manner of sacrifice being made. The hooks were for draining the blood, which was collected to sprinkle on the altar and to make the meat suitable for eating.

On the either side of the inner court are chambers for the priests to provide service for the temple and the altar. The Lord gives an injunction that only the descendants of Zadok, who was high priest during Solomon’s reign, may serve here. More on this in chapter 44 when reasons for this restriction are given.

The altar for burnt offerings sits in front of the temple in the inner court, and two pillars sit beside the door jambs of the building. These pillars are likely to be recreations of Jachin and Boaz, the bronze pillars set up in front of Solomon’s temple. (1 Kings 7) The temple was even higher than the inner court, with a vestibule containing ten steps.

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