Ezekiel 39:17–29

Read the passage.

When the Lord wipes out Gog’s army, we have learned that it will take Israel seven months to bury them all. In the meantime, the Lord will send all of the birds and animals of the field to the site to feast upon the fallen warriors. While this is gruesome to think about, it is actually a mercy because it will prevent disease from spreading and the land from being corrupted with toxins from decomposition. The Lord calls this a sacrificial feast, an upending of the normal order of things. Normally, humans slaughter animals to burn their blood and fat as an offering to the Lord, and eat the roasted meat with the priests.

Because of what happened to Gog and his army, the Lord’s glory will be displayed to all the nations of the earth. Though Israel had sinned in the past, causing the Lord to send them into exile, He will have mercy on them again and restore their fortunes. They dwell in the land securely, and none will be left behind among the other nations any more.

It is because of verse 29 that I don’t believe the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of this prophecy or any others talking about the restoration of the house of Israel. It may be a precursor to such a fulfillment, or a symbol of it, but it’s not the final fulfillment. Unless I’m completely out of the loop, I don’t see a great pouring out of the Lord’s Spirit upon the Jewish people. Yet. I am sure it will happen some day, though. I know some have tried to connect the Arab-Israeli War and the Six Day War with events in Biblical prophecy, but you shouldn’t have to squint and twist events to make them fit the text. Biblical prophecies are obvious after the fact, and completely accurate.

Gracious and merciful are all Your ways, O Lord.

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