Ezekiel 36:1–15

Read the passage.

The prophecy against Mount Seir is followed by a prophecy to the land of Israel. The Lord summarizes the situation that has unfolded, specifically that Edom has rejoiced over the downfall of their neighbor and has made attempts to take over the land that was promised to God’s people Israel. While the Israelites brought judgement upon themselves through their wicked ways, Edom and the other nations are overstepping in their response to God’s judgement on Israel. The Lord is still jealous for His people and will not let them be utterly destroyed, nor will His promises go unfulfilled.

Indeed, the Lord gives hope to the land because it will again be worked by His people Israel so that it brings forth the abundance that it once had. It will not remain empty and desolate forever, but “soon” the people of the land will return. (v. 8) The population will multiply, both man and beast, and the cities will be rebuilt. The land will do more good for its people than it had in the previously good times.

All of this the Lord says He will do so that the land’s reputation will not be as one that is cursed. The nations were starting to think that the land was evil, causing misfortune on those that inhabit it. But the Lord makes it obvious that this is not the case. This brings the focus back on Him, because He is the One who judged Israel in the first place, and He is the One who restores them.

You are merciful and care for Your children.

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