Ezekiel 34:11–31

Read the passage.

Now that I’ve read a little further ahead, I find my self disagreeing with the section breaks in the ESV. It seems to me that verses 11–16 go more with the first section of the chapter than with the following verses. These tell us how the Lord responds to the unfaithfulness of the shepherds who were to watch over Israel. The Lord declares that He will go out to the scattered flock and find them to rescue them. Though they were scattered abroad among many people, He will lead them back to the land He had given to them, and they will be fed abundance and rest in peace on the sides of the mountains.

Starting in verse 17, though, the Lord’s attention shifts to individuals within the flock, no longer addressing the shepherds who failed in their duty. Some of the stronger sheep had been oppressing the weaker sheep, pushing them away from the good parts of the pasture and ramming them with their horns to drive them away. Not only this, but after eating their fill, these strong rams go to the rest of the pasture and trample it down so it can’t be eaten. They drink what they want from the clear streams, and then stir up the mud so it can’t be drunk by anyone else.

Because of this, the Lord will also bring judgement on these cruel sheep. The flock will be rescued from predation and will have peace under the Good Shepherd, the Messiah, when He comes to guide them. All the wild beasts will be banished, and the land will produce abundantly. No more will idolatrous temptations stalk God’s people to lead them away to destruction. No longer will other nations seek to oppress, enslave, or kill God’s people, because they all will love the Lord and follow His ways.

Your victory is assured; all will acknowledge You as the supreme ruler of everything.

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