Ezekiel 32:1–16

Read the passage.

The Pharaoh of Egypt considered himself a lion among men, but the Lord considers him a monster, like one that inhabits the seas. With a force of many people, the Lord will pull him out of the Nile River and throw him out onto the land where he perishes. So great is his fall that the carrion birds and beasts from all over the world can eat their fill. Even still the valleys are filled up with his flesh and the ravines flow with the spilled blood. Apocalyptic signs are shown in the sky to mark the passing of such a great beast.

So great was Egypt’s influence, that even nations that Egypt hadn’t heard of will tremble at their downfall. They know that if Egypt could be brought low, no nation is safe from the judgement of the Lord.

When Babylon brings a sword against Egypt, the Lord declares that there will be a complete desolation. Nothing will step in the water to churn up the mud in the rivers. But Egypt will be remembered in song through this lamentation the Lord has given.

You rule over all nations and bring Your judgements to bear.

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