Ezekiel 30:1–19

Read the passage.

This lament is a parallel to the one give over Tyre in chapter 27. The Lord gives warning that Egypt’s doom is close at hand, and its neighbors are going to fall with it. A sword and fire will come upon northern Africa from Arabia to Libya, from Egypt down to Ethiopia (known as Cush then).

The wealth and security that being Egypt’s neighbor will no longer be available for Nebuchadnezzar will sieze and shatter it. In addition, the Lord will dry up the Nile River, the lifeblood of the region. The famous and varied idols and images of Egypt’s religion will be broken.

Several prominent cities in Egypt are given more specific descriptions of the doom that is coming for the nation as a whole. There may be subtle word play or references to attributes of those cities, but I’m not enough of a scholar to go looking for them. Instead, we can be sure that it is the Lord who brought these things about to the Egyptians for the purpose of declaring His holiness to the nations.

All rebellion against Your rule will fail, even if it takes thousands of years.

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