Ezekiel 28:20–26

Read the passage.

Sidon is a city often mentioned alongside Tyre. It was a trading partner some 25 miles south on the coast from there. This short prophecy warns the Sidonians that the fate of Tyre is also coming to them soon. Pestilence and violence will overwhelm them and they shall know that Yahweh is the Lord. Why does He do this? No specifics are given, but they have treated Israel with contempt in some way, hurting them as a thorn or briar.

At long last, some comfort and hope is given to the house of Israel. The Lord declares He will gather His chosen people back into the land He had promised to them, and His holiness will be manifested there. All of Israel’s adversaries will be eliminated so they will be able to dwell in peace and security.

Establish Your kingdom so that all the righteous may dwell in peace.

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