Ezekiel 27:26–36

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Having described how great and profitable Tyre was, Ezekiel’s lament turns to its downfall. The metaphorical ship has gone out into the high seas, but a storm has come up out of the east against it. All of the goods it was transporting, the payments it had received, and all of its stores are lost as it sinks. The crew that manned the ship, the officers that commanded them, the pilots who drove it, and the mariners that defended it are also lost.

Every hand that drowns cries out as he sinks, and their combined sound causes the far-off countryside to shake. Those who follow the way of the sea hear the noise of their sinking, and they cry out in dismay. They mourn because the paragons of their profession could not withstand the trouble that came upon them. If Tyre could not survive the tumult, what chance would they have?

Tyre mercantile fleet garnered much wealth for itself, but also enriched its trading partners too. Now there is a void and everyone who benefitted from Tyre’s industry feels the lack.

You know the consequences of all Your actions, and You have orchestrated all things together for Your purposes.

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