Ezekiel 26:1–14

Read the passage.

The next nation to be given judgement is Tyre. The judgement on Tyre is more detailed than the previous ones, with three whole chapters devoted to it. Tyre was a Phoenician city on an island off the coast of modern-day Lebanon. While there were some military conflicts between Tyre and Israel over the centuries, mostly there were economic and cultural exchanges. However, when some of the cultural exchanges involved the cults of the Baals, particularly promoted by Queen Jezebel, we can see why several of God’s prophets have spoken out against Tyre.

However, Ezekiel’s judgement has nothing to do with religious differences, but with the way Tyre decided to take advantage over Jerusalem’s fallen state. Instead of mourning, they saw an exciting opportunity to make themselves rich by using trade routes that had been under the control of Israel and Judah. Instead of being concerned with why Jerusalem had been laid waste, they were gloating over the advantage Israel’s straits provided for them.

Because of this, declared the Lord, many nations would come against Tyre, including the armies of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. He would bring many horses, chariots, horsemen, and soldiers to lay siege to Tyre, wiping out the part of the city on the mainland. While historical records show that the fortress of the island withstood the siege for thirteen years, Nebuchadnezzar would eventually be victorious, just as the Lord had said.

Nothing can thwart Your purposes, and kings and nations are carried along by Your will.

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