Ezekiel 24:15–27

Read the passage.

Of all the things the Lord has told Ezekiel to do, this one might have been the hardest to endure. He is told that his wife would die, but he isn’t allowed to publicly mourn for her. Being a famous prophet by this point, the community will notice his behavior and ask about it. The answer he gives is a final condemnation upon the house of Israel.

The temple of Yahweh, His sanctuary on earth, the pride of His people will be profaned and destroyed. However, they will not mourn for it. The sons and daughters they left behind will be cut down by swords, and they will not mourn for them. Instead, they will behave as Ezekiel has demonstrated for them being dressed for a normal day instead of pouring dust and ashes on his head and face. They make an outward show of normalcy, but inside, they will “rot away in [their] iniquities”. (v. 23)

Finally, Ezekiel is told how his message to the people will be validated: a fugitive from Jerusalem will arrive to tell the exiles the news of its fall. On that day, Ezekiel’s silence will be lifted (see 3:26) and he will be able to speak normally to this fugitive. The people will see this and remember how Ezekiel had only spoken the words of the Lord to them for so long, and know that what they were told is true.

All of Your promises will come true, more surely than the sun’s rising and setting or the seasons’ turning.

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