Ezekiel 24:1–14

Read the passage.

“This very day” (v. 2), on which the Lord tells Jeremiah the siege of Jerusalem has begun, is generally thought to be January 15, 588 b.c. On this day, Ezekiel tells a parable to the exiles that speaks of a cooking pot. A festive meal is prepared: good pieces of meat boiled in water, the choicest member of the flock. Wood is piled up in a fire beneath the pot, and everything is set to boil.

But, woe! The pot is rusty and contaminates the food. Piece after piece is taken out, but the rust remains. This corrosion is identified as the blood shed by the violence in Jerusalem. Like the blood of Abel, it lies on bare rock and cries out for justice. It wasn’t even covered up, but just left open to the air.

Because of this the Lord is going to empty out the pot and heat it hotter and hotter. While the uncleanness melts, the corrosion is not burned away. So the Lord continues to pour wrath ever hotter into the fire, until His fury is satisifed.

You punish sin as it deserves and bring justice to the oppressed.

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