Ezekiel 23:22–49

Read the passage.

After the case has been made against Oholibah, the judgements are pronounced. The same fate that befell her sister is given to her, namely that her lovers turn against her and destroy her beauty. In this way the Lord will put an end to the detestable deeds she had done with them. The same cup of judgement that Samaria drank will be given to Jerusalem in full measure, so that even the dregs and drops left on the shards of the cup will be drunk. She has forgotten the Lord and His holiness, and now must endure the consequences.

Again, the Lord reiterates the sins of Israel, and has Ezekiel declare them to the people. Idolatry, including child sacrifice. Adultery with foreign officials, and feasts celebrating their iniquity. Righteous men will pass judgement on her like an adulteress or murderess. The terror that will befall is to become a watchword and a warning, so that everyone knows not to do these things.

Make us holy as You are holy.

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