Ezekiel 21:8–32

Read the passage.

The sword that will come upon the land of Israel is being given into the hands of a slayer. The rod or scepter of Judah’s kingship cannot stand against it. It will come upon the gates of the city and a great many people will be cut down by it. The sun will glint off the edges of the swords of the surrounding army, and the sight of them will terrorize the people within it because they will know their judgement has come.

The king of Bablyon will have to make a choice where he will march: to Rabbah of the Ammonites or Jerusalem in Judah. Ammon was allied with Judah and Egypt against Babylon, so it makes sense for Babylon to come against them too. At the fork in the road (metaphorically, perhaps) the king of Babylon will perform divinations of various kinds to decide which way to send his armies. Ezekiel prophecies that the lot will come up for Jerusalem, and that is where he will go.

The Lord reiterates that these terrible things are happening because of the wickedness and guilt of the people of Judah. The prince of Israel, Zedekiah, bears the responsibility as their leader, and he is removed from the kingship.

And if you thought Ammon would be spared because the divinations pointed to Jerusalem, the Lord has a prophecy against them too. The sword of slaughter will come upon them too. Their wickedness will be heaped upon their heads too and they will be destroyed in their land.

All You have spoken will come to pass, just as You have said.

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