Ezekiel 13:17–23

Read the passage.

Most of the time when we think about prophets, whether true or false ones, we probably think of men. However, some of the false teachers in Ezekiel’s day were women, and they are called out specifically for their forbidden practices. To be clear, being a prophetess wasn’t forbidden, but practicing magic and selling amulets and veils as some kind of spiritual protection certainly was.

Ever since they were given the Law by Moses, Israel has been forbidden from doing any kind of magic, sorcery, or divination other than explicitly asking the Lord what they should do. The ideas behind these restrictions convey a requirement to rely upon God alone for protection and blessing, not any other powers that may or may not be around. We understand now that any power that appears to be leveraged by such things are actually demonic forces deceiving people into thinking they have control over matters they do not understand. Satan will gladly give someone an experience if it will keep them from the truth, whether it is a magic spell, a vision of light, or a false exercism. In contrast, only the Lord YHWH is sovereign and in full authority and control over everything that is.

These women had been making magic wristbands and veils in order to “hunt for souls”. (v. 18) I admit that I don’t really know what that might mean, though in some way it appears they were trying to cause some people to die and others to live, but everything they were doing was a lie and a sham. In this way they were encouraging the wicked and discouraging the righteous, so the Lord declares that He will come through and tear down all their lies and reverse their decisions. Then the people will be free of their predation because they will not have false visions any longer nor will these women be able to practice any of their magic arts. They will know that the sovereign, mighty Lord has said this when it happens.

You are mighty to save, have promised to protect and shield us from anyone who would try to take us from You, so we do not need to fear any spiritual power.

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