Ezekiel 12:1–16

Read the passage.

The Lord gives Ezekiel another symbolic action to perform before the people which demonstrates for them actions happening in far-off Jerusalem. He is to pack a bag as if he is going into exile, dig a hole in his wall in the evening, and escape through it into the country. As he goes out he is to cover his face so that he cannot see the land he is leaving.

As He gives Ezekiel these instructions, the Lord emphasizes again the rebellious nature of the house of Israel. He indicates that their stubborn rebellion is what keeps them from seeing and hearing the message that Ezekiel has been telling them, but maybe if Ezekiel remains faithful to the Lord they will eventually realize what’s going on. This strategy seems to work, because the Lord implies that they have asked Ezekiel what he is doing.

Having gone out for the night, Ezekiel returns to the exiles in the morning to explain what he was showing them. The prince in Jerusalem (that is, the puppet king Zedekiah who tried to use Egypt to get out from under Babylon’s thumb) and the rest of the people left in the city are going to be exiled as well. The prince will try to escape by night, digging a hole in the wall and covering his face so that he cannot see the land. However, Ezekiel explains that he will be unsuccessful in his flight, and the Lord will capture him using the Chaldeans. It turns out he will be unable to see the land because they will blind him. (2 Kings 25:7) They will take him to Babylon and he wll die there. Everyone around him will be scattered or slain, though a few will escape to spread the news of what the Lord has done to them.

Your patience is astonishing, that You continue to reach out to those with hardened hearts.

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