Ezekiel 22:1–16

Read the passage.

Many times the sins of Israel have been declared, but the Lord gives even more detail in this chapter. Violence, immorality, and idolatry top the list, but they aren’t the whole list. Her inhabitants were graciously offered many years to turn back from their wicked ways and trust in the Lord’s goodness, but the time for that is now over. Indeed, the reputation of Israel among the nations is at its lowest point, and there is no peace in the land.

Those in power feel no compunction against shedding blood. Parents are not given the honor they are due for their God-given position. The poor are oppressed. People do not rest on the Sabbath, but keep on working. People are killed for the slander told about them. False gods are given sacrifices on the high places. Incest of various forms is rampant. Murders are bought and paid for. Predatory loans are given. Each and every one of these things the Lord has spoken against and made a commandment that His people should not do them. Most of them carried the death penalty, but no one in Israel remembered what the Law said.

I see many similar things in the world today. We are not under the Law of Moses, but God still expects us to act in righteousness. Two thousand six hundred years ago He purged Israel of its abominations because He is holy. No one could withstand His judgements unless he had been made clean and found refuge in the Lord. There will come a day when He will do the same thing again, and there will be no nation on earth that will be safe from His wrath.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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