1 Chronicles 16:37–43

Read the passage.

With the ark of God set up in David’s city, David proceeds to make provisions for the day-to-day religious life of the Israelites. Priests and Levites were given their standing orders to follow the prescriptions that Moses gave concerning the ark and the tabernacle. The gatekeepers, the musicians, and the priests all were faithful to do their given duty. The Chronicler is emphasizing how important proper worship was to the community at that time, and therefore the returning exiles can be confident that they have what they need to worship properly too.

At this time, the great gathering of people disperses; each person goes to their own home. David returns to his house and blesses those who live there with him. He shares with them the joy and blessing he received from worshipping the Lord.

The fullness of joy is found in Your house, and it will be perfected upon Your return.

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