1 Chronicles 16:1–13

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At last the ark of the covanent arrives and Yahweh is enthroned in a new tabernacle that David commissioned. Burnt offerings and peace offerings are sacrificed to the Lord according to the Law of Moses. Once all this is done, David distributes a blessing and a celebratory feast to those who attended. The lesson here is that the presence of the Lord is a wonderful thing, and making merry in order to celebrate His goodness and the things He has done for us is itself an act of worship.

David also appointed song leaders from the Levites to make music before the Lord using the psalms that had been written. As before, harps, lyres, cymbals, and trumpets were the instruments they used in their service. While songs had certainly been sung before, David is a font of creativity and gives Asaph and the other Levites a new song of thanksgiving for this most special day.

The song addresses the hearers and calls them to remember the great and mighty deeds of the Lord. They are to bring them to mind so that the nations around them can be told how great their God is. By doing this, their own hearts will be made glad because He has done amazing miracles and wonderful works on behalf of His people. As they remember what the Lord has done, they can be encouraged that He is still as mighty and awesome, and is entirely capable of doing so again to fulfill their needs.

We worship You in gratitude. You deserve all of our praise.

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