1 Chronicles 14:1–17

Read the passage.

Even though David mishandled the ark of the Lord, God still blessed him in other ways. He was shown favor by the king of Tyre, who sent him building materials for his palace and also the temple of the Lord that Solomon would build. David was also blessed with more children while he lived in Jerusalem, and while it is true that not all of David’s children were a blessing to him, those listed here were not as troublesome as their older brothers.

In spite of all the success in warfare David had enjoyed in his career, he remembered that it was not his own strength or leadership that brough it about. He recognized the Lord as sovereign over victories and defeats, so when the Philistines come to overthrow him, he asks humbly of the Lord if it is right to fight against them. Indeed, it is right, and the Lord gives him a great victory. The Philistines had brought their idols to preside over their battle, but abandoned them in defeat, so David gathered them up and burned them to show the Lord’s superiority over their false gods.

Even with this setback, the Philistines go up against Israel again. Some other king might have gone straight out to fight them, riding the high of his last victory, but not David. Instead, he is consistent and asks the Lord if he should fight them again the same way. This time the Lord gives him a different battle order, and the Philistines are defeated again. Through this and othre such events, David’s fame spreads throughout the nations and they tremble for they know that he has a powerful ally in the Lord.

When things are going well, it can be easy to think that your success is all your own doing. But all good things come to us as gifts from God, so we would do well to continually ask Him to guide us.

We are so prone to wandering away from Your good plans. Keep us on the straight and narrow.

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